Chiropractic Orthospinology

While we are building out our patient education pages please use the following links. They are excellent resources to learn more about the benefits of using a CBCT machine for upper cervical image acquisition and the benefits of using Orthospinology in health care. Enjoy.

We are up and running to serve you with our CBCT machine and Laney torque instrument.


Educational links to better understand the CBCT or Cone Beam Computerized Tomography

Craniocervical Junction Visualization and Radiation Dose Consideration Utilizing Cone Beam Computed Tomography for Upper Cervical Chiropractic Clinical Application a Literature Review

Cone Beam Computed Tomography Technology Overview Dose and Utility Considerations-for Chiropractors and Regulatory Bodies


Educational links to better understand Orthospinology

The Society of Chiropractic Orthospinology

What Is Orthospinology? Benefits, History, What to Expect & More. By Dr. Ty Carzoli
Dr. Ty does a great job with his web page content and explaining in the video all about the upper cervical process with orthospinology. Scroll down halfway for a nice introduction video. We use the Laney Torque instrument which is the stand-alone instrument shown in the video but not used for the force application. Dr. Ty uses the Ks 2, a handheld option to administer the force to the upper cervical spine.